Overview of Liquid Automation Systems

Liquid Automation System (LAS) supplies comprehensive and reliable fuel measurement and management systems and allied services to fuel suppliers and end users. With the high costs of fuels and lubricants, accurate and traceable management information can assist stakeholders to increase efficiency.

Fuel Management



With the ever increasing fuel price, LAS offers comprehensive fuel management solutions. This system links into existing infrastructure to control and manage one of your largest expenses and inventory investment 

[more on fuel management solutions]





LAS fast tracks the installation and commissioning of new and existing loading gantries by prefabricating complete loading and metering skids. These units are supplied complete with meters, valves, control systems, loading arms and safety stairs and are delivered to site completely assembled, wired and factory tested. [more on gantry automation]


Automatic Tank



Automatic Tank Gauging provides accurate and reliable product levels in a convenient and safe manner. Options include over fill protection, temperature compensation and high/low level alarms. This results in better control and accurate product reconciliation. [more on automatic tank gauging]


Truck and trailer solutions


LAS provide advanced control systems required on Bulk Delivery vehicles for the distribution of petroleum and chemical
products. This ensures accurate custody transfer information during delivery.  [more on fuel metering solutions]


Software Solutions

Opti Tank

In-house and third party software solutions allow integration with existing infrastructure. This is accomplished by using information from the ERP combined with physical measurements to control and monitor product movement [more]


Safety Equipment


Safety is a critical factor when working with fuel products. LAS offers folding stairs and loading arms, that provides a safe environment for the loading of bulk vehicles and rail tank cars. LAS also offer specialised fire fighting  equipment [more on safety stairs]

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