Why should you use Liquid Automation Systems for your fuel management solutions?

Fuel management is so critical because it allows you to account, control and monitor the fuel expenditure at your operations. Typically seen in the mining, transportation and municipal industries it allows for fleets of vehicles fuel consumption to be effectively managed, ensuring that every expenditure on fuel can be accounted for.

Liquid Automation Systems have fuel management solutions that can be used on any operation that has high consumption of fuel from its home based fuel infrastructure, and enables remote monitoring of fuel usage and stocks. The same technology can be used to manage lubes consumption, prevent products cross contamination and save the user a lot of expenditure in engine repairs or replacement.

With these fuel management solutions, you can minimize the probability of human error. All fuel transactions and status are captured electronically. From fuel receipts to fuel dispensing into vehicles.

Their fuel management solution is incredibly efficient, wireless, robust and designed for the harsh African environment. It can limit the fuel dispensing to only vehicles authorised to do so. All information on transactions is stored and can be retrieved at any time. Their solutions also provide standard preformatted reports that are on-hand to provide management information. The operating system configures the current site and the condition of the vehicle. This includes vehicle tags, controllers and nozzle readers.

The receipt of fuel is configured on the vehicle tag as a receipts tag. If an authorised receiving pump is started then the valve opens and the transaction is automatically recorded. Readers on the vehicles will identify the vehicle and confirm if the vehicle is authorized to refuel or not.

Their Hectronic controllers allow for transactions to be stored until they can be retrieved by the software. The system is able to function completely offline without the dependency on the availability of the software. This intricate system is easy to use and comes with a set of the most customised reports. Many operations are incorporated into their fuel management solutions. Designed to give you peace of mind about the fuel you receive and dispense. This solution is accurate, timeous and makes tracing information easier than before. Choosing Liquid Automation Systems for your fuel management solutions will ultimately better your fuel management and provide you with an easy to use management solution. The big advantage is that their software is internally developed, creating flexibility and agility to meet your unique requirements.

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