Why is Workplace Safety Equipment important?

Working in an environment where you are exposed to possible explosions and hazardous chemicals, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate safety equipment. Workplace Safety comes first and therefore every company that deals with hazardous equipment and environments need to implement training and safety procedures.

Training should include the following:

•             Knowledge about what is required for every occupation distribution

•             Discuss the individual’s particular parts and duties

•             Educating representatives about how to deal with dangers and dangerous systems

•             Informing representatives on the roles and obligations of all the supervisors and directors

•             Training in the right episode or mishap examination

•             The checking of value wellbeing and security programs


Security measures should include the following:

•             Emergency produces are discussed in detail

•             Reporting of any injury and hazardous conditions

•             Use of individual safety equipment

•             Reasons for every procedure and security rules

•             Right to decline to work in an unsafe situation

•             Job depiction

Majority of the companies in the industry have health and safety policies that ensure that all employees are safe at all times.  Unfortunately we can try to prevent all hazardous situations but we are not guaranteed to prevent all accidents. We can however try to break the impact of the accident; we can do this by equipping all employees in the field with safety equipment.

The basic equipment used for safety are:

  • Gloves
  • Ear plugs
  • Harnesses
  • Face masks
  • Safety glasses

In the petroleum industry the main areas to protect are the:

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Limbs

We make use of the personal protective equipment (PPE) such as:

Protective clothing- Petroleum becomes explosive when it is in the presence of gases and other chemicals. This type of clothing is used to protect the employee from any injury.

Body Harnesses – a full body harness with a shock-absorber is crucial because it distributes the forces throughout the body and this means that the shock-absorbing lanyard helps to break the impact of the force.

Respirators- respirators are needed in the event where there is an unusual amount of dust, smoke or toxic gases.

By utilizing safety equipment your employees will be protected against healthy and safety risks at work. To provide a safe workplace includes instructions, procedures, training and overseeing that will encourage employees to work safely and responsibly.

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