The Benefits of Automatic Tank Gauging

Utilizing an Automatic Tank Gage (ATG) has perfectly replaced the manual dip-stick measuring as the preferred stock control answer for retail fuel sites with underground fuel storage tanks. An automatic tank gauge (ATG) can be linked to probes and electric line leak detectors over various tanks to manage a whole fuel site’s inventory. The tank probes precisely measure the amount and temperature of any fuel or water in a tank and report it back to the ATG.

Benefits of an Automatic Tank Gauge

Stock Control

Fuel site proprietors utilizing an Automatic Tank Gage (ATG) can precisely assess the amount of fuel at present available for dispensing in each tank. By checking the inventory every day, a proprietor is able to comprehend their site’s business cycles, how much stock they require on hand, and when they have to schedule deliveries. Tight inventory control can help pick-up fluctuations in fuel amounts that may be caused by erroneous deliveries, malfunctioning equipment, or theft. In many states there is an administrative prerequisite that owners report their ten day inventory reconciliation.

By connecting all the ATGs on a fuel system to the Liquid Automation Systems, owners can see the inventory status and differences of every one of their sites at once. The cutting edge reporting features allows further insight into stock cycles and delivery scheduling over the whole system.

Leak Detection

The SABS orders that each fuelling site perform some strategy of leak detection and file a passing outcome once every month. An Automatic Tank Gage (ATG) can perform this test by taking product level and temperature readings almost constantly for a set timeframe to figure out whether a changing product level might be because of a leak. Some ATGs perform Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD) by taking stock readings throughout the month at whatever when point there is no pumping action. The framework statistically examines the information to figure out whether the tank is tight or leaking.

When all the ATGs on a fuel system are connected to Liquid Automation Systems, a proprietor will consequently get an alert if any sites on the network detects a leak. The proprietor will likewise have leak test results readily available.

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