Solutions for Total Fuel Control

It’s no surprise to transport operators that fuel prices continue to rise, and the fuel cycle is increasingly unpredictable. Taking control of your fuel buy with on-site storage tanks that improve efficiency by minimizing downtime and providing you with total fuel control is an increasingly popular strategy.

Adding a fuel management system to the system is helping smart operators maximize benefits with the added bonus of boosting fleet and fuel security, tracking vehicle and driver performance and identifying potential issues early.

A fuel management system will include a combination of hardware and software. This implies that in addition to supporting the nuts and bolts of fuel delivery, like actuating ball valves to allow authorized deliveries, enabling uploading pumps and providing real-time tank level measurement and overfill prevention, the system can track fluid moves, identify inward transactions and capture manifest details.

The system can also monitor fuel levels in underground and above ground tanks, automatically detect leaks and send low level alarms and re-order alarms directly to your phone or email.

Automatic fuel gauging systems: these use probes and sensors to remotely provide real-time data on fuel levels in underground or above tanks, and can also detect leaks to minimize fuel loss and environmental impacts.

Improving fuel security: if your vehicles refuel off-site, using a fuel management system with GPS tracking will help you reduce the risk of fuel theft by reconciling expenditures with fuel consumption.

Making a decision on the right system for your business will depend on factors including the size and nature of your fleet, fuel volume and turnover, your reporting requirements and the infrastructure available in your areas of operation. Are you looking for a cloud-based or software based solution? What aspects of fuel management are most important to you? If you are running a long-haul trucking fleet, your focus is likely to be different compared with a mining operation or local government depot.