Key Control


LAS provides a system to help the customer ensure that only licensed and legal operators operate vehicles or machinery. Key Control gives total control and peace of mind.

Key Control Unit (KCU):


Managing Qualifications:

License Control Features:

Interface to other systems:

Nozzle Detection


After refueling has taken place, one of the most common HSEQ risks that can occur, is a vehicle leaving the refueling bay with the Fuel Nozzle still connected (in the case of Wiggins/Banlaw type nozzles), or still inserted (in the case of ZUA/Scully type nozzles), in the vehicle.

The Risks Associated with This are:

LAS have developed a Nozzle detection system which makes use of RFID (as used In the LAS Fuel Management Systems), to detect the presence of the Nozzle in its custom Nozzle holder.

Interfacing with Peripheral Equipment:

The nozzle detection system can be adapted to interface with existing safety equipment on site, or LAS can supply the following easy to install options.

The Equipment Comprises of The Following Components:



The equipment consists of:

Site requirements:


Traffic Light

Equipment consists of:

Site requirements:



Safety Stairs

Safe and reliable access onto the tops of tankers is coming under increasing scrutiny by Safety Managers both locally and abroad. Recognising the inherent danger associated to working at heights upon road and rail tankers, Liquid Automation Systems have available a wide range of off-the-shelf tanker access equipment and safety systems available for any loading application, marine, rail or road, where operators are at risk, due to excessive heights.
Our principal suppliers include internationally recognized companies such as OMC, Greenline, and SVT.

PLS-I2 Portable Access Stairway

Portable Access Stairways are specifically designed for various industries and applications that require accessing the top of a vehicle. The PLS series is designed to hydraulically raise and lower to the correct height to provide the safety required.

SS400 Series Aluminum Safety Stairs

Safety Stairs are specifically designed for various industries and applications that require accessing the top of a vehicle. The safety stair is designed for applications where the working range exceeds angles greater than 15 degrees above or below the platform height.

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