Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flow meter

Liquid Controls (LC) is a world-renowned supplier of reliable, high-accuracy, positive displacement (PD) metering systems. Whether your business requires flow measurement for custody transfer or process control, with an LC PD meter on your delivery vehicle, at your bulk shipping facility, or at your plant, you’ll enjoy years of trouble free service combined with a low cost of ownership due to no metal-to-metal contact within the meter measuring chamber.


The LC PD flow meter was designed to measure liquids within the Truck Metering (refined Fuels, LPG, aviation, lube oils, agricultural chemicals), Bulk plant & Terminal Metering (Crude petroleum products, refined products, adhesives, chemicals, emulsions), Industrial Process Metering (food and beverage, paints and coatings, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, industrial liquids), and other industries requiring precise liquid measurement solutions.


The LC rotary flow meter consists of a single fluid chamber that contains a single blocking rotor and two displacement rotors whose rotation is synchronized with mating gears. As the fluid enters the fluid chamber, the blocking rotor is forced to rotate.

The displacement rotors, also rotating in conjunction with the blocking rotor help direct the fluid flow through the chamber and to the outlet. The linear flow of the fluid is thus translated into rotary motion in the meter. The output of the meter is picked up from the rotation of the blocking rotor and transmitted to a register or pulse transmitter.

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