IT Solutions For Complete Fuel Control

With the imminent rise of automation and streamlined processes, it is imperative for organisations to maintain a technologically advanced stance on their operations. Liquid Automation Systems is passionate about ensuring that efficiency and sustainability remains steadfast in relation to fuel control.

By keeping track of the resources and consumption expenditure, managers are able to identify trends and make definitive decisions pertaining to the operations at hand.

Our solutions are comprehensive and can be integrated to adapt to various contexts and industries. The dynamic range of services includes Fuel Management solutions, Gantry Automation, Automatic Tank Gauging, Safety Solutions and Automated Diesel Rebate Solutions.

The products include Liquid Flow Meters, Flow Controllers, Sampling and Blending equipment and Software solutions. A specific focus placed on Software Solutions includes enterprise-wide fuel supply chain management which improves profitability and efficiency through a centralised system of receipts, storage and dispatching products at different intervals.

Liquid Automation Systems Information Technology is centralised around a turnkey approach through a combination of third party and in-house developed software as a reliable solution for many contexts and industries.

The specific range of reporting mechanisms involved in the fuel control management system include dashboards which highlight exceptions and site-specific issues, ease of accessibility through GPS modules and alarms for the calculation of consumption trends.

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