Benefits of certified flow controllers

Liquid Automation Systems supplies a versatile range of flow controllers to cater for process and custody transfer flow as well as batch controller applications.

Custody transfer applications include batch controllers that include additive control and blending that is typically used for petroleum loading gantry operations and flow totalizers typically utilised for pipeline transfer applications.

The flow controller is a device used to measure and control the flow of liquids and gases through a specific design and calibrated control system, which depends on the project requirements and industrial constraints.

The benefits of certified flow controllers include advancement in flow-signal processing, highly stable flow control regime that processes the fluctuations in process control and flow. In addition to this, there is significantly reduced power consumption.

The certified flow controllers are highly resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure fluctuations. This ultimately causes the other components to be consumed with gas from a similar source.

Dynamic changes are produced with the flow controller because it can be adjusted through speed settings. There are also signal options and communication outputs that can be modified by the operator. The functionality of adjusting the flow pressure by the operator also increases the safety of the operator and factory utilisation.

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