A breakdown of benefits of OptiMIM Web

Liquid Automation Systems is a leader in the fuel management industry, supplying reliable fuel measurement and management systems.  We are a trusted partner for customers who manage their own filling stations and small depots. Our services and products ensure efficient operations by accurately monitoring fuel stocks, optimizing the fuel dispensing process and simplifying rebate claims.


In this article, we will be delving into the definitive benefits from our OptiMIM Web software solution. We are passionate about delivering crucial information to drive key decisions in organsations.


OptiMIM Web is an in-house developed web-based application where some of the contributors behind the product, individually, have more than 15 years of industry related fuel management experience. The product went through many iterations over the past years, resulting in the current version being powerful, sporting a rich set of features and reports while being user friendly.


Benefits associated with the OptiMIM Web software is that it is a single platform through which all aspects of the fuel management process can be managed, and human intervention is reduced through automation. These two factors ensure that the number of issues caused by human error is kept to a minimum. The details pertaining to the fuel transactions and tank dips are captured electronically and stored in a single system. Information available in the system includes fuel stock readings, fuel receipts, fuel dispensing into vehicles, fuel transfers into other tanks or mobile fuel trucks as well as captured odometers and consumption.


Another big advantage of the OptiMIM Web software system stems from the fact that it is in-house developed and maintained by Liquid Automation Systems. Customer specific customizations and interfaces to third party systems can be implemented in a cost-effective way keeping the turnaround time for these at a minimum.


This world class software package includes a Diesel Rebate Module which streamlines the audit process and the operational aspects of logbooks. Our staff are experienced and well versed in emerging technologies and software solutions, applying this knowledge to make sure that the module complies with future requirements.

The close to real-time attributes of the system ensures that efficiencies are improved by retrieving the transactions and making the data available at any given time or period. Standard reports are available on hand to provide management with key information to drive decisions and provide insights in their daily operations.


The typical sectors that make use of Liquid Automation Systems products include mining, public transport, freight transport, municipalities, private and commercial agriculture, airports as well as ports and harbors.


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