Key Control


LAS provides a system to help the customer ensure that only licensed and legal operators operate vehicles or machinery. Key Control gives total control and peace of mind.

Key Control Unit (KCU):

  • Installed in mobile or static machinery.
  • Each unit is linked to a license for a specific vehicle.
  • Operators issued with card containing licenses.
  • KCU locks ignition or start circuitry of equipment.
  • Only allows start/ignition on valid licenses.



  • Cards programmed at Card Programming Station. (CPS)
  • Entire system on CPS. (No server or software installation)
  • All data is managed via a web browser.
  • Detailed event logging available.
  • Custom reports can be generated.
  • System can be managed from anywhere on site.


Managing Qualifications

  • Up to 256 different license types
  • Equipment and licenses can be managed by category and class
  • Unlimited number of personnel
  • Unlimited number of equipment per license type


License Control Features:

  • Prevents unauthorised use of vehicles
  • Prevents use of license beyond expiry date
  • Enforces legal requirements of license expiry date after 180 days of inactivity
  • Frequent reprogramming can limit use of stolen or lost cards


Interface to other systems

  • CSV imports and exports available
  • Imports and exports can be automated
  • Direct interfaces to other databases is possible


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