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Streamlining the fuel supply chain with integrated automation and information management solutions.

Effective enterprise-wide fuel supply-chain management can improve profitability and efficiency by reducing overheads, excessive inventory and cutting high distribution costs. This enterprise-wide approach integrates all activities from receipt, storage and dispatching product at the terminal; through to delivery at the retail or consumer’s premises. True integration encompasses loading terminals, bulk delivery vehicles and retail/consumer sites.

LAS provides a single point of responsibility to design and implement a customer’s fuel supply-chain solution, offering a turnkey approach including the handling of analysis and design, manufacturing, installation, training and commissioning. Solutions are based on a combination of third party and in-house developed software, to provide proven, reliable solutions incorporating the latest automation and optimisation technology. This results in a streamlined, supply-chain with reduced cost, time and product losses


Dynamic Fluid Management

Developed by LAS for consumer sites, mining applications, aviation and specialised loading terminals, Opti-MIM is a cost effective, modular inventory web based management solution that offers:

  • Dashboard which highlights exceptions and site specific problems with an ability to drill down for detailed reports.
  • It has an open architecture to allow for easy integration of data from various other operational systems as and when required.
  • Reports are accessible to different user devices i.e. laptops, cell phones etc.
  • Exception reports can be emailed to a set distribution list to deliver an automated and minimal effort reconciliation at month end for the user.
  • GPS module which includes features like fuelling locations, vehicle tank levels, etc.
  • Alarms/Reports can be emailed to specific users as per specific site requirements on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule.
  • New consumption report now calculates consumption trends
  • Manages the complete fuel facility; i.e. receipts, stock, transfers and dispensing
  • Reports can be interfaced with a wide variety of customer’s financial systems via a flat file.
  • Monitors and reconciles incoming, stored, transferred and outgoing fuels and lubricants.
  • Has extremely flexible communication capabilities allowing it to interface with almost any hardware using various communication methods such as WI-FI, TCP/IP, GSM, Radio Modem, Fibre Optic, etc.
  • Web client allows customers to view their reports via the web.
  • Clear audit trail of all transactions

The modular design approach of Opti-MIM means that it is flexible to fit customer’s exact needs. Modules address specific functionality and can be added seamlessly to the base system at any stage. A solution is built up from several functional software modules. Standard configurations are available for different industries, incorporating only those modules that are relevant for the application.

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