Benefits of Fuel Management

If you are in the fuel or fleet operations industry, you are aware of the enormous fuel costs you are taking from your bottom line. Since that’s inevitable, savvy operators are turning to a fuel management system to enhance efficiency and cut fuel-related costs.

A fuel management system is a technology-based tool that works with any pump-able liquid or gaseous fuel for attended or unattended fueling sites. It gives real-time visibility of all aspects of fuel management and fueling activities, utilizing automation to free up drivers and capture information that is instantly available to staff who may need it.


Why is Workplace Safety Equipment important?

Working in an environment where you are exposed to possible explosions and hazardous chemicals, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate safety equipment. Workplace Safety comes first and therefore every company that deals with hazardous equipment and environments need to implement training and safety procedures. more…

The Benefits of Automatic Tank Gauging

Utilizing an Automatic Tank Gage (ATG) has perfectly replaced the manual dip-stick measuring as the preferred stock control answer for retail fuel sites with underground fuel storage tanks. An automatic tank gauge (ATG) can be linked to probes and electric line leak detectors over various tanks to manage a whole fuel site’s inventory. The tank probes precisely measure the amount and temperature of any fuel or water in a tank and report it back to the ATG. more…

Project Management: A system approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling

Project management can be defined as the collaborating elements that ensure that the company’s policies and services are achieved with safe and regulated measures. The system allows that the work ethic and the responsibilities of each employee are documented, equipment? and the company’s methods are also considered.

The system management ensures that:

  • The client receives all that has been promised
  • The company adheres to their regulations
  • The company meets all environmental objectives more…

7 Fuel Management strategies that really work

Petrol prices keep increasing year by year. With the international fuel prices that have remained steady since November 2016, promises that the new year will drop around two cents a litre. However in 2017 we face an increase by 51 cents a litre, with diesel at around 40 cents and illuminating paraffin by 43 cents. Fuel experts are looking for better ways to save money.

Fuel Management is a system implemented to monitor and maintain the fuel consumption as well as the stock in the transportation industry. We use various systems to monitor fuel purchases and fuel dispensed. Reports and any other information that we receive are computerised into an online fuel management which is calculated into our data capturing system.


Benefits of a Supply Chain Management Solution

Incorporating a cloud-based logistics software solution is a cost-effective strategy for enhancing shipment visibility and reducing operational expenses. Shipment management frameworks offer many advantages to streamline the logistics procedure and can frequently be exceptionally custom-made to meet the particular needs of a specific business or industry. We will look at the benefits of a supply chain management solution to a business.


Fuel Metering Solutions

As the world becomes a much more global environment, we have the transportation industry booming with business. Think about it people are travelling all over the world to experience other cultures and see the world, this happens at increasing rates every year. On the other hand products and services are also transported throughout the world as people in the world are becoming one big world market. The world might be diverse with culture, but through the internet we are all becoming one global market. more…

Fuel Management Systems

Liquid automation System specializes in fuel management systems especially designed for hazardous liquids, these liquids play a major role in the world’s economy and should be handled with care. Take for instance crude oil is used to produce petroleum which is extremely important in our daily lives, fact is without these liquids we wouldn’t be able to live the lives we live today. more…

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